Tried and True “Icing Glue” Recipe

This recipe is a life-saver. You can easily change the consistency of the icing by adding little drops of water or pinches of icing sugar. It colors easily and thoroughly with food coloring and dries in the same color that it is when it’s wet. It dries quickly and firmly.



3 large egg whites (or 4 medium-small egg whites)

1/2 tbsp of cream of tartar powder

6 cups of icing sugar


Beat the eggs and the tartar powder together until foamy.

Add in sugar gradually and beat until smooth.

Put the icing in a bowl which can be sealed well so that it does not dry out.


Gingerbread House Recipe


2 cups vegetable shortening

2 cups sugar

2 cups dark molasses

2 teaspoons vanilla

6 to 8 cups all-purpose flour

2 teaspoons baking soda

4 teaspoons ginger

2 teaspoons cinnamon

2 teaspoons salt


BEAT shortening and sugar with electric mixer until light and fluffy. Add molasses and mix well.

MIX 2 cups of flour with baking soda, ginger, cinnamon and salt in separate bowl.

ADD flour mixture to shortening mixture and blend.

GRADUALLY add more flour, 1 cup at a time, mixing well after each addition until stiff dough is formed, working in last cup of flour with hands.

DIVIDE dough in half and wrap in plastic wrap.

CHILL at least 30 minutes or overnight.

PREHEAT oven to 325 deg.

ROLL piece of gingerbread dough out on floured surface to 1/2 -inch thickness.

TRANSFER all pieces to baking sheets and bake 10 to 12 minutes for smaller pieces and 20 to 25 minutes for larger pieces.

TRANSFER to cooling racks using wide spatula and cool completely. (If edges need trimming, do so while still warm.)

Reasons Why

Who will benefit from this project?
The most fantastic part about this project is that the funds raised will help the entire population of Grande Prairie and the Peace Country Region. This includes the babies who are born in our hospital, the people who will spend their last days in our hospital and all the times in-between. We serve the people who are most at risk and vulnerable to the most fortunate and wealthy. The entire population of Grande Prairie and the Peace Country Region can and will benefit from the health care advancements made available through this project.

Why is this important to our community?
Our hospital is the heart of our community and our health care system is critical to keeping our community healthy. By working with the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation you will be a part of advancing health care that will make an impact today. These include:

Reduced Travel – Patients and their families will not have to travel long distances for medical examinations and treatments.

Alleviate Financial Burden – With travel, families often have to take time off work while incurring expenses for lodging, fuel, meal costs and even additional child care costs. This can be very stressful in an already difficult time.

Reduced Wait Times – Patients will be able to receive services locally instead of waiting in the cue for Hospitals in major city centers.

Save Lives – Having immediate access to life saving equipment and professionals improves patient health outcomes.

Improved Patient Recovery – It has been proven that patients heal better when supported by friends and family who can be near.

Community Support – Patients can be surrounded by a community they know and people who know them.

Reliability – Once the new service is part of our local Hospital system, it is funded and supported by Alberta Health Services long term.

Attracting New Professionals – Bringing a new service to our Hospital brings new medical professionals, ensuring local health care needs are always addressed.

Teaching Hospital – Integrating students locally to become healthcare professionals increases the likelihood these new professionals will stay in the Peace Country Region.

Pride in Your Community – You can be proud that you made a difference for your hospital and your community. Your gift really does matter and quite possibly may save the life of someone you know and care about.

This new project also includes the introduction of the new Patient Centered Care Model.
What makes this hospital different than the current Grande Prairie Regional Hospital is the focus on patient and family centered care. This model of care engages family involvement with patient care instead of relying on the healthcare system alone. The welcoming of family will not only enhance the patient experience it will also ensure families get the opportunity to be with their loved ones. This approach has been proven to show greater health outcomes, improved patient safety, reduced healthcare cost, reduced wait times, better communication, teamwork and overall satisfaction.

Due to current infection control standards, each of the 200 in-patient rooms will be private stay with private washrooms. In addition, with the focus on patient and family-centered care, each room will contain furniture so a family member can stay with the patient overnight if desired.

Each room will also have windows to the outside to embrace natural sunlight to promote healing. The view will either be overlooking the beautiful courtyards or the natural environment of Bear Creek.

There are multitudes of naming opportunities for a one million dollar gift. The amount can be specific to one area or divided into all four components. We would be happy to personally discuss recognition opportunities with your organization. Here is some information:

Reasons Why

Purpose of the QE II Hospital Foundation
The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization entrusted with fundraising for the QE II Hospital and the new Grande Prairie Regional Hospital that is currently under construction. Funds raised through individuals, organizations and businesses in the community provide a vital link to services for thousands of individuals and their families in this region. In a city with a population of 68,000, and a community outreach of more than 250,000, medical needs for our patients continue to increase. By partnering, you will positively impact health care services for residents in the entire Peace Country Region.

Our Foundation is entrusted with the stewardship and management of donor funds with the primary goal of enhancing patient care for our residents in this region. Our 12 member volunteer Board of Trustees is made up of community leaders who work directly with Alberta Health Services and the community to bring highly specialized medical services and programs to our regional hospital. By doing so, we are able to bring new doctors, new services and new technologies to our hospital thereby reducing the need to travel to Edmonton while improving patient health outcomes. This campaign not only looks at the healthcare needs of today, it also encompasses the opportunity to make a difference in the future. Being able to adapt to new innovations in technology and modern medical advancements is vital in providing a high quality health care system that would not normally be funded or be accessible locally or within the Region. Bringing these services here immediately impacts our population and grows the services in this Region. We do not support operating or basic health care requirements already provided by Alberta Health Services.

What are the monies to be used for: (campaign info page)

Our capital campaign aims to raise $20 million dollars. Your contribution can be allocated to any of the four components or multiple components of the new capital campaign.

1. Key Innovations ( up to 9 million dollars)
2. Key Equipment For Life Legacy Fund (6 million dollars)
3. The Key to the Art of Healing – Arts Component ( 3 million dollars)
4. The Key to Knowledge – Educational Component – (2 million dollars)

Sign up to Volunteer

Grateful Patient

Community Donations

Community Donations

Bursaries and Scholarships

Sponsorship Support

Past Fundraising Projects

Paediatric MRI Campaign

In February 2012 the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation launched a $122,000 dollar Capital Campaign to purchase a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Anaesthesia System specifically for paediatric patients.

In July, the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation was excited to announce that the Paediatric MRI Campaign has surpassed the goal of $122,000, thanks to the generous donations of the community of Grande Prairie.

“The response from the community for this campaign has been so positive and amazing,” says Cindy Park, Executive Director, “we reached our goal quickly and the MRI Anaesthesia System has been ordered. Each and every gift is important to patient care in this community and this piece of specialized equipment will help reduce the burden of travel to Edmonton in order to receive MRI diagnostic services.”

Chillin’ in the ICU Campaign

In January 2012 the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation started the Chillin’ in the ICU Campaign to raise funds to purchase a Hypothermia Machine.

In 2013, the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation had announced the campaign as a success! With the much needed help from the community, the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation had raised over $28,000 for the Hypothermia Machine. The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation would like to express their deep gratitude to the community for all their donations to make this purchase possible.

Operating Microscope

At a cost of $200,000, the Orthopedic Operating Microscope was a major element of the Surgical Services Expansion Project. The microscope was purchased with the proceeds raised at the 2004 Festival of Trees event. This specialized equipment item offers significant advancement in the variety of orthopedic procedures now available at the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital.

Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital’s new Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery which celebrated its Grand Opening on March 18, 2004 is the only one of its kind, north of Edmonton. With this NICU, we are now able to keep our babies at home and minimize or even eliminate the time that families must be separated from their precious newborns. With an overwhelming response from the community and Corporate Major Gifts donated by Devon, EnCana and Talisman Energy, over $900,000 dollars was raised to secure this project. These vital, life saving services are now available to the citizens of Northern Alberta, Northeastern British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.

Intensive Care Unit Upgrades (ICU)

In 2003, the Intensive Care Unit made a plea for help for an additional adult ventilator and 10 upgraded I.C.U. monitors. These items required over $150,000 and once again, the proceeds from the Foundation’s events made it possible to provide these necessary items.

New Ophthalmology Services Available

In 2001, more than $150,000 was raised to purchase a specialized operating microscope and Phaeco-machine for the Ophthalmology Department at the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital. Through the provision of these equipment items, the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital was very fortunate to also secure an additional Ophthalmologist for Grande Prairie and area. In Grande Prairie, eye surgeries have now advanced to a safer, faster, and more efficient level for glaucoma surgeries, the removal of ocular tumors and cataract surgeries being performed under topical anesthesia. From a surgical perspective, Grande Prairie is now as technologically advanced as any centre in North America.

MRI Campaign a Success

In 1998, the Foundation launched a 5 year / $4 million dollar Capital Campaign to purchase an MRI for the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital. Due to the overwhelming vision and devotion from the citizens of Grande Prairie and its surrounding areas, this campaign was accomplished in only 15 months! Today, the MRI facility provides services to over 4,000 patients annually.

64 Slice CT Scanner

Another Foundation success story was the successful completion of the $2.2 million dollar 64 Slice CT Scanner for our Diagnostic Imaging Department. This was made possible by the generous donations received from so many individuals and companies. We could not have completed this amazing campaign without you!

Integrated Surgical Suites

The Grande Prairie Regional Hospital has developed two Integrated Surgical Suites for the surgeons and patients of our region. These Integrated Suites have teleconferencing capable equipment which allows our surgeons to perform specialized operations with the guidance of other specialists throughout the world. This is both an education mechanism for our surgeons, as well as an advantage for our patients. The Integrated Surgical Suite allows our patients to have their surgical procedure here in Grande Prairie rather than having to travel to Edmonton or Calgary. This also provides an opportunity for our surgeons to become more specialized in their field of expertise without having to acquire additional specific training elsewhere. The project now provides the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital with two (2) specialized integrated suites for $900,000.00.