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Panda Infant Warmer

Donate a small gift and help keep healthy babies healthy at the QEII Hospital. Each gift of $25 will help us get to our goal of purchasing a new Panda Infant Warmer for the Labour and Delivery Unit at the QEII Hospital.

A Panda Infant Warmer keeps newborn babies warm with a recessed heater. This design removes any obstacles that would restrict access and provides the baby with uniform heat. Its compact size gives care providers and families plenty of room to interact with baby and allows access from both sides of the bed.

A Panda Infant Warmer gets care to sick newborns immediately. It requires minimal setup; it tracks baby’s temperature, weight, blood oxygen levels and pulse rate.  It has an integrated scale that is quick to use and accurate, it allows care providers to assess baby’s growth and development. The full color display is easy to read.

The Panda Infant Warmer offers many features that make providing care for infants easy and efficient. The adjustable lighting provides excellent observation while avoiding shining bright light into sensitive newborn eyes. It offers a hands free alarm that allows care providers to silence without touch while reducing the risk of cross contamination. It has an elevating base that offers a broad adjustable range to ensure comfortable care giving at any height.

Every donation gets us one step closer to our goal. Follow us on Facebook for weekly updates tracking our progress!