Support Your Hospital

Reasons Why

Who will benefit from this project?
The most fantastic part about this project is that the funds raised will help the entire population of Grande Prairie and the Peace Country Region. This includes the babies who are born in our hospital, the people who will spend their last days in our hospital and all the times in-between. We serve the people who are most at risk and vulnerable to the most fortunate and wealthy. The entire population of Grande Prairie and the Peace Country Region can and will benefit from the health care advancements made available through this project.

Why is this important to our community?
Our hospital is the heart of our community and our health care system is critical to keeping our community healthy. By working with the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation you will be a part of advancing health care that will make an impact today. These include:

Reduced Travel – Patients and their families will not have to travel long distances for medical examinations and treatments.

Alleviate Financial Burden – With travel, families often have to take time off work while incurring expenses for lodging, fuel, meal costs and even additional child care costs. This can be very stressful in an already difficult time.

Reduced Wait Times – Patients will be able to receive services locally instead of waiting in the cue for Hospitals in major city centers.

Save Lives – Having immediate access to life saving equipment and professionals improves patient health outcomes.

Improved Patient Recovery – It has been proven that patients heal better when supported by friends and family who can be near.

Community Support – Patients can be surrounded by a community they know and people who know them.

Reliability – Once the new service is part of our local Hospital system, it is funded and supported by Alberta Health Services long term.

Attracting New Professionals – Bringing a new service to our Hospital brings new medical professionals, ensuring local health care needs are always addressed.

Teaching Hospital – Integrating students locally to become healthcare professionals increases the likelihood these new professionals will stay in the Peace Country Region.

Pride in Your Community – You can be proud that you made a difference for your hospital and your community. Your gift really does matter and quite possibly may save the life of someone you know and care about.

This new project also includes the introduction of the new Patient Centered Care Model.
What makes this hospital different than the current Grande Prairie Regional Hospital is the focus on patient and family centered care. This model of care engages family involvement with patient care instead of relying on the healthcare system alone. The welcoming of family will not only enhance the patient experience it will also ensure families get the opportunity to be with their loved ones. This approach has been proven to show greater health outcomes, improved patient safety, reduced healthcare cost, reduced wait times, better communication, teamwork and overall satisfaction.

Due to current infection control standards, each of the 200 in-patient rooms will be private stay with private washrooms. In addition, with the focus on patient and family-centered care, each room will contain furniture so a family member can stay with the patient overnight if desired.

Each room will also have windows to the outside to embrace natural sunlight to promote healing. The view will either be overlooking the beautiful courtyards or the natural environment of Bear Creek.

There are multitudes of naming opportunities for a one million dollar gift. The amount can be specific to one area or divided into all four components. We would be happy to personally discuss recognition opportunities with your organization. Here is some information: