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Places to Visit

General Admission tickets gives access to many of the booths at the Festival of Trees. Many of the booths are free and others have a cost or an option to purchase products. All hours follow General Admission information on the events schedule page.

Kids Secret Shop

In the Secret Shop, gifts will be priced from $3.00 to $9.00 for little ones who wish to shop for presents for family and friends. No adults allowed and the kids love it!

Gift Shop

Here busy Christmas shoppers will find those special treasures to place under their tree. Young and old can shop till they drop! Easily one of the most popular places at Festival is our Gift Shop.

Teddy Bear Hospital

Children of all ages can visit the Teddy Bear Hospital and “dress up” like healthcare professionals to take care of sick bears and learn about healthy living.

Miniature Tree Land

Adorned with 100 trees, decorated by everyone from home-based businesses to school children, this area holds something for everyone! Trees are for sale.

Children’s World

Children of all ages will take delight as we present an area for special activities such as crafts, cookie decorating & much more…

Gingerbread Lane

48ft Train with Gingerbread entries full of artful and tasteful delights. Click here for gingerbread house recipe or icing recipe.

Candy Shop

We are pleased to bring you the Candy Shop this year. For that sweet tooth. The return of a fond childhood memory for so many.

Raffle Area

A place where everyone has a chance to take home a piece of the Festival.

Popcorn Playhouse

Take a break and watch some classic Christmas tales while munching on some popcorn.

Horsedrawn Sleigh Rides

Complimentary horse drawn sleigh ride through Evergreen Park. Free with your admission to Festival during peak hours.

Santa’s Workshop

Visit the one and only Santa’s Workshop. Here kids will get to build their very own birdhouse, sleigh or other special toys.

Visit with Santa

Santa visits the Festival each day. He listens to all those special wishes that creates that picture perfect moment.

Letters to Santa

Write and mail your Christmas wishes to Santa.

On Stage Entertainment

The Mainstage comes alive with dancers, singers, choirs and musicians as they transform Festival into a “musical wonderland”.

Mrs. Klaus’s Kitchen

Mrs. Klaus is serving refreshments beside the Main Stage. Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Tea and Christmas Cookies are available.

Christmas Market

Multiple vendors showcasing various products.

Santa Simulator Ride

Rock and roll with Santa across the skies delivering toys to tots throughout the world.

Spectacular Trees and Creations

Beautiful trees and creations to view and purchase. Wide selection of trees will be displayed.

Bravery Bead Program


What is the Bravery Bead Program?

The Bravery Bead Program  is a voluntary program for children giving them the opportunity to collect a different bead for procedures, tests and events they participate in while visiting the QEII Hospital for care.  The goal of the program is to make a necklace with colorful beads that represent the unique and special journey of a child, giving them a visual way to tell their story.  The string of beads, along with the journal provided by the program to explain each bead received, enables the child to make something that they are proud of and want to share with family and friends.  Each bead string is unique and a representation of each child’s individual journey through treatment.

The necklace becomes a precious keepsake that is viewed as a medal or badge of courage for patients and their families.  When a child begins their difficult journey, they are given a necklace with their name on it.  As they undergo treatments, surgeries, chemo or any other therapy, they will receive a special bead signifying the experience.  These are called Bravery Beads and commemorate these milestones.

How has the program made a difference?

 A parent said that the Bravery Bead Program has allowed her son to talk about his journey through treatment to his brother and to the other members of the family.  

One mother described her four-year old’s struggle with cancer treatment. Hesitant and scared at first, the child now proudly takes her necklace to school to show the other children.  One day she took it into the Principal’s office.  The Principal later told the child’s parent that she was amazed to hear complex and difficult procedures like “lumbar puncture” and “bone marrow aspirate” described so matter-of-factly by a four-year old child.  The parent said that the Bravery Bead Program was responsible.  I feel proud when people notice my beads.”

“I think this program is very great because it gives us kids a reason to want to come back. It shows how brave we are!” 12 year-old patient

“A three year old is able to point to his beads and tell people what he got them for – like medals in wartime, I guess.  For me, it reminds me on his bad days, just how much he is going through….he loves putting his beads on his older sister.  She likes keeping track of his beads for him. It helps her understand what her brother is going through.  “Mother of 3 year-old

“Bravery Beads make me feel brave and special and nice….the beads remind me of all the brave things I have done, and that makes me feel good….(they) make me feel joyful and cheerful inside…I feel good inside when people say nice things about my beads….I feel proud!”

As one parent described it, “The necklace gives my child a voice for sharing.”

Where did the program begin?

The Bravery Beads Program started at British Columbia Children’s Hospital in 1999.  The idea for the program came about when a pediatric social worker welcomed her teenage son home from a wilderness camp and found that he had a string of beads to commemorate milestones achieved on the trip.  When she realized how much her son valued the string of beads and how easily he was able to tell the story of each experience, each one represented by a coloured bead on the necklace, she theorized that children who have to travel the difficult journey through cancer treatment,and other medical conditions requiring hospital care, would treasure a beaded necklace as well.  She and her colleagues developed the idea and the Bravery Bead Program was born!

    Reasons Why

    Who will benefit from this project?
    The most fantastic part about this project is that the funds raised will help the entire population of Grande Prairie and the Peace Country Region. This includes the babies who are born in our hospital, the people who will spend their last days in our hospital and all the times in-between. We serve the people who are most at risk and vulnerable to the most fortunate and wealthy. The entire population of Grande Prairie and the Peace Country Region can and will benefit from the health care advancements made available through this project.

    Why is this important to our community?
    Our hospital is the heart of our community and our health care system is critical to keeping our community healthy. By working with the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation you will be a part of advancing health care that will make an impact today. These include:

    Reduced Travel – Patients and their families will not have to travel long distances for medical examinations and treatments.

    Alleviate Financial Burden – With travel, families often have to take time off work while incurring expenses for lodging, fuel, meal costs and even additional child care costs. This can be very stressful in an already difficult time.

    Reduced Wait Times – Patients will be able to receive services locally instead of waiting in the cue for Hospitals in major city centers.

    Save Lives – Having immediate access to life saving equipment and professionals improves patient health outcomes.

    Improved Patient Recovery – It has been proven that patients heal better when supported by friends and family who can be near.

    Community Support – Patients can be surrounded by a community they know and people who know them.

    Reliability – Once the new service is part of our local Hospital system, it is funded and supported by Alberta Health Services long term.

    Attracting New Professionals – Bringing a new service to our Hospital brings new medical professionals, ensuring local health care needs are always addressed.

    Teaching Hospital – Integrating students locally to become healthcare professionals increases the likelihood these new professionals will stay in the Peace Country Region.

    Pride in Your Community – You can be proud that you made a difference for your hospital and your community. Your gift really does matter and quite possibly may save the life of someone you know and care about.

    This new project also includes the introduction of the new Patient Centered Care Model.
    What makes this hospital different than the current Grande Prairie Regional Hospital is the focus on patient and family centered care. This model of care engages family involvement with patient care instead of relying on the healthcare system alone. The welcoming of family will not only enhance the patient experience it will also ensure families get the opportunity to be with their loved ones. This approach has been proven to show greater health outcomes, improved patient safety, reduced healthcare cost, reduced wait times, better communication, teamwork and overall satisfaction.

    Due to current infection control standards, each of the 200 in-patient rooms will be private stay with private washrooms. In addition, with the focus on patient and family-centered care, each room will contain furniture so a family member can stay with the patient overnight if desired.

    Each room will also have windows to the outside to embrace natural sunlight to promote healing. The view will either be overlooking the beautiful courtyards or the natural environment of Bear Creek.

    There are multitudes of naming opportunities for a one million dollar gift. The amount can be specific to one area or divided into all four components. We would be happy to personally discuss recognition opportunities with your organization. Here is some information:

    Reasons Why

    Purpose of the QE II Hospital Foundation
    The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization entrusted with fundraising for the QE II Hospital and the new Grande Prairie Regional Hospital that is currently under construction. Funds raised through individuals, organizations and businesses in the community provide a vital link to services for thousands of individuals and their families in this region. In a city with a population of 68,000, and a community outreach of more than 250,000, medical needs for our patients continue to increase. By partnering, you will positively impact health care services for residents in the entire Peace Country Region.

    Our Foundation is entrusted with the stewardship and management of donor funds with the primary goal of enhancing patient care for our residents in this region. Our 12 member volunteer Board of Trustees is made up of community leaders who work directly with Alberta Health Services and the community to bring highly specialized medical services and programs to our regional hospital. By doing so, we are able to bring new doctors, new services and new technologies to our hospital thereby reducing the need to travel to Edmonton while improving patient health outcomes. This campaign not only looks at the healthcare needs of today, it also encompasses the opportunity to make a difference in the future. Being able to adapt to new innovations in technology and modern medical advancements is vital in providing a high quality health care system that would not normally be funded or be accessible locally or within the Region. Bringing these services here immediately impacts our population and grows the services in this Region. We do not support operating or basic health care requirements already provided by Alberta Health Services.

    What are the monies to be used for: (campaign info page)

    Our capital campaign aims to raise $20 million dollars. Your contribution can be allocated to any of the four components or multiple components of the new capital campaign.

    1. Key Innovations ( up to 9 million dollars)
    2. Key Equipment For Life Legacy Fund (6 million dollars)
    3. The Key to the Art of Healing – Arts Component ( 3 million dollars)
    4. The Key to Knowledge – Educational Component – (2 million dollars)

    Capital Campaign Cabinet

    Tracy Allard
    Leanne Beaupre
    Scott Bissell
    Jim Boccioletti
    Jackie Clayton
    Dean Fraser
    Dale Gervais
    Bill Given
    Dr Cled Lewis
    Yad Minhas
    Cindy Park
    Rob Petrone
    Rhonda Side
    Rob Strasdin

    Northern Alberta Rural Physicians Fund

    The purpose of the fund will be to support funding for educational needs related to medical students accepted or enrolled in a Canadian Medical School and who intend to pursue their career in rural northern Alberta, specifically the geographical region on, about or north of latitude 54 and within the province of Alberta. Granting consideration will be given to students whose educational training may include family medicine, general internal medicine, general surgery, general pediatric, general anesthesia and general psychiatry.  Each year a scholarship may be awarded to one or  more applicants totaling $10,000. Click to download Northern Alberta Map

    The Board seeks individuals who must meet the following criteria: The applicant must:

    •   Fulfill an identified health care occupational need as outlined above
    •   Be prepared to sign a one year return for service agreement upon completion of the program
    •   Be able to show financial need by providing a budget (form available with the application)
    •   Have attended a high school in a community located on, about or north of latitude 54 and within the province of Alberta.

    Application, cover letter, resume, 2 letters of reference, curriculum or course outline and any supporting documents (grades) which should set out how the candidate meets the above criteria must be submitted by April 30, 2019, to the address below. Click here to download the Northern Alberta Rural Physician Scholarship Fund Application

    Grande Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation 10409 – 98 Street Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2E8 Telephone: (780) 538-7583 Fax: (780) 538-7597