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Purpose of the QE II Hospital Foundation
The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization entrusted with fundraising for the QE II Hospital and the new Grande Prairie Regional Hospital that is currently under construction. Funds raised through individuals, organizations and businesses in the community provide a vital link to services for thousands of individuals and their families in this region. In a city with a population of 68,000, and a community outreach of more than 250,000, medical needs for our patients continue to increase. By partnering, you will positively impact health care services for residents in the entire Peace Country Region.

Our Foundation is entrusted with the stewardship and management of donor funds with the primary goal of enhancing patient care for our residents in this region. Our 12 member volunteer Board of Trustees is made up of community leaders who work directly with Alberta Health Services and the community to bring highly specialized medical services and programs to our regional hospital. By doing so, we are able to bring new doctors, new services and new technologies to our hospital thereby reducing the need to travel to Edmonton while improving patient health outcomes. This campaign not only looks at the healthcare needs of today, it also encompasses the opportunity to make a difference in the future. Being able to adapt to new innovations in technology and modern medical advancements is vital in providing a high quality health care system that would not normally be funded or be accessible locally or within the Region. Bringing these services here immediately impacts our population and grows the services in this Region. We do not support operating or basic health care requirements already provided by Alberta Health Services.

What are the monies to be used for: (campaign info page)

Our capital campaign aims to raise $20 million dollars. Your contribution can be allocated to any of the four components or multiple components of the new capital campaign.

1. Key Innovations ( up to 9 million dollars)
2. Key Equipment For Life Legacy Fund (6 million dollars)
3. The Key to the Art of Healing – Arts Component ( 3 million dollars)
4. The Key to Knowledge – Educational Component – (2 million dollars)